Intel Atom Motherboards

Logic Supply carries a wide range of motherboards utilizing the energy efficient Intel Atom processor. We offer dual core and embedded Intel Atom motherboards.

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  1. ASRock N3160 Braswell NUC Motherboard
    ASRock N3160 Braswell NUC Motherboard N3160-NUC-IPC
    • Intel Braswell N3160 CPU
    • 4 USB ports (3 USB 3.0 + 1 USB 3.0 Type C)
    • 2 HDMI ports and 1 DisplayPort

    £105.47 £127.62

    In Stock
  2. Mitac PD11BI Bay Trail Motherboard
    Mitac PD11BI Intel Bay Trail Mini-ITX Motherboard PD11BI
    • Intel Bay Trail J1900 Celeron processor
    • Available through 2018
    • 2 RS-232 COM ports, 2 LAN ports

    £93.95 £113.68

    In Stock
  3. Mitac PD10BI Thin Mini-ITX replacement for Intel DN2800MT
    Mitac PD10BI Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard with Intel Bay Trail PD10BI
    • Quad-Core Bay Trail Celeron J1900 CPU
    • Available through 2019
    • 8~19 V DC input

    £103.70 £125.48

    In Stock
  4. ASRock IMB-151 Mini-ITX Motherboard
    ASRock IMB-151D Bay Trail Thin Mini-ITX Motherboard with J1900 Celeron IMB-151D
    • Intel Atom J1900 Celeron CPU
    • Thin Mini-ITX form factor
    • 1 PCI Express Mini-Card slot

    £137.38 £166.23

    In Stock
  5. Jetway NF9N-2930 Quad Core Baytrail Mini-ITX Fanless Motherboard
    Jetway NF9N-2930 Quad Core Bay Trail Fanless Mini-ITX Motherboard NF9N-2930
    • Intel Celeron Bay Trail N2930
    • Up to 8 GB of memory
    • Supports Jetway PCIe daughterboards

    £141.81 £171.59

    In Stock
  6. ASRock IMB-150 Intel Celeron J1900 Industrial Mini-ITX Motherboard
    ASRock IMB-150 Intel Bay Trail Celeron J1900 Mini-ITX Motherboard IMB-150
    • Intel Celeron Bay Trail processing
    • 3 COM ports, 2 LAN ports
    • PCIe Mini-Card slot

    £165.74 £200.55

    In Stock
  7. Jetway NF9D-2550 Dual Core Atom Mini-ITX Fanless Motherboard
    Jetway NF9D-2550 Cedarview Fanless Mini-ITX Motherboard NF9D-2550
    • Intel Atom D2550 Cedarview CPU
    • Dual Gb LAN ports, PCI slot
    • Supports Jetway daughterboards
  8. Jetway NF9I-2550 Dual Core Atom Fanless Mini-ITX Motherboard
    Jetway NF9I-2550 Dual Core Cedarview Atom Fanless Mini-ITX Motherboard NF9I-2550
    • Intel Atom D2550 CPU
    • 5 SATA ports for RAID 0, 1, 5, 1+0 support
    • Supports Jetway PCIe daughterboards
    £225.16 £163.96 Special Price £198.39
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8 Products

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