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Our Kiosk Computers and Touchscreen Panel PCs make it easy to create reliable self-service installations virtually anywhere. Protected from the elements, our industrial Kiosk hardware lets you offer the best possible user experience with confidence.



Our customers use Logic Supply hardware to create informational, production and retail installations in locations and applications that would cripple traditional PCs.

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Logic Supply products are reliable, energy-efficient, and discreet, so they can run for long periods of time in customer-facing environments without issue and the entire process, from our first discussions to purchase, was nearly effortless.

—Juan Perez, President and CEO of ADUSA, Inc.

Engineered For Success


Depend on Logic

You can’t afford in-field failures, which is why our systems are built to the highest quality standards.

The Perfect Fit

Designed with the needs of today’s wide variety of kiosk installations, our small form factor systems can be installed anywhere.

Ditch the Fans

For the ultimate in reliability, count on our fully solid state, fanless and ventless PCs which eliminate all moving parts.

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Intel NUC

Intel NUC

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) is an ultra-compact motherboard form factor measuring a mere 4 x 4 inches, without sacrificing power and performance.

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Small Form Factor Computers

Small Form Factor

While there’s no universally accepted definition, the industrial PC industry defines small form factor as anything smaller than your standard desktop.

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Industrial Fanless Computer


Fans are one of the most common failure points for industrial PCs, making fanless computers appealing to customers looking to ensure optimal reliability.

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