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Project Challenges


Building on their decades of experience in providing industrial sensor equipment, ifm wanted to begin offering their clients a complete IoT analytics solution, including software and hardware designed to connect seamlessly with their line of sensors at the edge. To enable this next level of automation, ifm needed a highly reliable edge gateway system that would allow for collected data to be effectively parsed by their proprietary software, and either processed on-site or sent to the cloud for assessment and remote access.

The Logic Supply Solution


Working with Logic Supply Solution Specialists, ifm Product Manager Bob Drexel and his team prototyped a few different Logic Supply computers, honing in on the right form factor, feature set and processing architecture for their needs, eventually settling on the ML500 Fanless IoT Gateway. Configured with an Intel® Core i5 processor, the ML500 gave ifm a small form factor device they could count on to reliably collect and distribute the data from client equipment featuring their ever-expanding line of industrial sensors.

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Bob Drexel, Product Manager at ifm
“We chose Logic Supply because of the flexible service. We felt there were multiple parallels in terms of company culture, particularly in that customer service is a top priority.” Bob Drexel, Product Manager at ifm

Solutions Built For Flexibility


In addition to capable processing and reliability, ifm needed a platform flexible enough to be installed in the wide range of production environments their clients work in. The I/O complement also needed to include dual networking ports to enable efficient data handling and various display connections to ensure effective on-site display and communication of collected data.

Bob Drexel, Product Manager at ifm
"We rely on Logic Supply's hardened industrial PCs to create data collectors strategically placed into work cells of machines. These IPCs need to survive in harsh industrial conditions and run 24/7 without interruption. Data loss is not an option because missing an event can mean not detecting the trigger in a series of cascading events that can bring down the equipment. We have 100’s of accounts with equipment that's flagged and saved from break down thanks to our Smart Observer software." Bob Drexel, Product Manager at ifm

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