Case Studies

See how we've helped companies around the world solve their computer hardware challenges, from custom fanless workstations, to wide temperature embedded controllers.


Factory Analytics and Predictive Maintenance for Industrial IoT

Today's manufacturing facilities rely on an incredible amount of data to inform decisions that can save forward-thinking businesses significant time and money. MachineMetrics helps manufacturers collect and harness that data using their innovative software. See how they're providing invaluable insights using a palm-sized, custom IoT gateway.

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Unified Office

Advanced VoIP and Business Analytics Services

To help businesses harness the power of Voice over IP technology, Unified Office set out to fix what they felt was broken in the VoIP industry with their Total Connect Now service. To deliver this powerful new platform to clients including Domino's Pizza franchises, they needed a reliable, flexible and connectable hardware platform.

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Unified Office Solution


A Next Generation Property Management Platform

Modern commercial buildings offer property managers and tenants a wide range of automation capabilities. Genea has created a suite of app-based programs to help manage and schedule lighting and HVAC control for both property managers and tenants. See how we helped them create a customized hardware solution.

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Building Americas First Giant Fighting Mechs

Creating robots tough enough to claim victory in hand to hand combat with other giant fighting machines takes a lot of engineering, a fair share of guts and hardware designed for the ultimate in durability. See why the team at Megabots turned to Logic Supply when they needed truly rugged computers.

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Megabots Solution
Desert Rotor

Desert Rotor

Engineering a Next Gen UAV Control System

Debin Ray and the team at Desert Rotor needed a small, reliable embedded computer for their new drone control system the 12PCX. They turned to Logic Supply to find a system with the power, connectivity and support that they needed to provide their clients with a highly capable UAV controller.

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SYSTEMS Equipment Corporation

Control Room & Embedded PCs with Legacy I/O

A leader in the development and manufacture of asphalt production equipment, SYSTEMS turned to Logic Supply for ultra-reliable computers for use in both control room applications and to embedded within their manufacturing devices that could easily interface with a wide range of other equipment.

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Systems Equipment Corporation Control Room Solution
The Sparklike Gasglass Laser


Creating an Innovative Test & Measurement Device

The team at Sparklike was building a specialized laser testing device to measure gas concentrations within insulated gas. They needed a compact, fanless PC to that had the requisite connectivity and could stand up to a wide range of production environments.

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Reliable Industrial Digital Signage Solutions

SmarterSign needed a reliable hardware platform for their leading digital signage software, and came to Logic Supply looking for a media player that would provide the requisite power and peace of mind for their customers.

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SmarterSign Industrial Digital Signage Solutions
The CC150 Internet of Things Gateway with Candi IoT Server

Candi Controls

Connecting businesses to the Internet of Things

Candi Controls turned to Logic Supply while searching for an industrial hardware partner to run Candi’s IoT Server®, an embedded software stack designed to bridge communications across protocols and network domains for integrators and solution providers building smart ecosystems and intelligent energy management systems.

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Pwnie Express

OEM Services In Action

Pwnie Express needed a reliable hardware platform to support their network security software. Working with Logic Supply they were able to create a fully branded, fanless and ventless device to offer their clients a dependable security solution while also building their own brand.

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Pwnie Express Custom Network Security Testing Appliance
American Woodmark Industrial Manufacturing PC

American Woodmark

Industrial PCs At Work

American Woodmark Corporation needed a reliable, small form factor, fanless industrial PC for their manufacturing facility. Their dusty production floor required their technicians to frequently clean out their existing computer systems, causing downtime and wasting valuable resources.

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Steel Dynamics

An Energy-Efficient, Rugged, Solid State Computer

“We needed something with a small footprint that could stand up to the challenges of the production environment, but we couldn’t find any solid state systems that were reasonably priced. Then we found Logic Supply. To date, we haven’t had a single failure or flaky operation. We couldn’t be happier with their products and support."

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Industrial Computers For Steel Manufacturing
Digital Signage Media Players


Remote Compatibility Testing & Supply on Demand

“Logic Supply has consistently impressed us with their versatility and nimbleness. Working with Jairo, our Account Manager, is a joy. Their systems are reliable and long-lasting, and when we remotely tested our software for compatibility, everything went very well. Our clients have been happy with their hardware, and that makes us happy."

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Newly Weds Foods

Industry Leading Food Product Manufacturer

“Our Cleveland, Tennessee production facility was in dire need of a hardware refresh. It had gotten to the point that support for failures was proving difficult, if not impossible, based on the age of the existing hardware and OS. I went looking for a fanless computer that would provide reliable operation of our Wonderware-powered factory HMI systems."

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Industrial Computers For Food Production
Computer For NASA K-Rex Rover

NASA'S Ames Research Center

A Rugged, Wide-input, Small-Form-Factor Computer

“We were looking for the main computing unit for our K-Rex planetary rover project. The system needed to be capable of overseeing all autonomous movement and navigation and do so in the harsh environmental conditions that many of our missions take place in.”

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YMCA of Central Ohio

A Reliable, Cost-effective, Industrial Firewall

"We needed something that had multiple LAN ports, was relatively small and was easy to install and maintain. Our networking consultant recommended Logic Supply pfSense® compatible hardware, having had a great experience with Logic Supply systems in the past."

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Industrial Firewall Computers
Kiosk and POS Computers


An Energy-Efficient, Reliable Computer

“We really enjoy working with Logic Supply; they are very dedicated and professional. Most important for us is that their products are reliable, energy-efficient, and discreet, so they can run for long periods of time in customer-facing environments without issue. It’s that reliability and strong support that in turn allows us to focus on our own business and ultimately provide our customers with the best possible end-product.”

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JACO, Inc.

Medical Carts and Workstations

“We enjoy working with Logic Supply for a variety of reasons: First, their computers are energy-efficient, quiet, easy to mount, and extremely reliable. I also enjoy working with our Account Manager; he’s a straight-shooter. Ultimately, we work them because we want to provide the best possible product for our customers, and we know they can deliver.”

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Medical Cart Computers
Oil Rig Surveillance NVRs

Jelec Inc.

A Reliable Network Video Recorder

“Over the last two years, we have purchased dozens of Network Video Recorder computers for CCTV from Logic Supply. These units have proven to be highly reliable - despite the fact that these units are deployed offshore, on Oil and Gas rigs.”

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Custom Broadcasting Appliance

“We needed a full solution that came close to our original cost, with specific branding and product requirements, all with a quick turn-around time. Logic Supply was able to leverage their worldwide supply chain to keep shipping costs down and give us a fully branded product that met all our needs.”

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Custom Fanless Broadcasting Computer