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Our Solutions Specialists know the right questions to ask to ensure you’re matched with the ideal PC for your application.

Let Us Configure The Right System For You

We ask the right questions to get the right configuration for your application. Our needs analysis centers around six questions:


1) Tell us what ENVIRONMENT you plan to put the system in?

2) What are your PERFORMANCE needs?

3) Is there specific I/O or board specs that you require?

4) What OS do you plan to run?

5) Can you define your STORAGE and EXPANSION requirements?

6) What are your LIFECYLE and BUSINESS imperatives?


All in all, there are over 30 elements our technical sales engineers consider when configuring a system for you. Our team will leverage an extensive line of off-the-shelf embedded computer hardware that yields thousands of unique combinations. Moreover, we can tap our engineering team if you require further customization. Ready to get started? Our TryLogic Program lets you prototype risk-free!

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