Logic+: Testing & Certifications

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We take a consultative approach when working with you to ensure your computer complies with any required certifications for your application. There are countless benefits to working with Logic Supply to ensure your systems meet the necessary requirements. These benefits include:

  • We are an ISO9001:2015 certified company, following strict processes to ensure the highest level of production quality and repeatability.
  • We take revision control of your systems seriously and alert you to any vendor-dependant component changes to ensure you know exactly what to expect each time you order.
  • We include your Declaration of Conformance (DoC) documents with CE certified systems and also maintain a design history file for your project. We can even help you create the required adhesive labels to indicate your system's conformity.
  • We have experienced EMI professionals and engineers to help solve complex problems quickly.
  • We stock backup hardware components and can provide rapid metal fabrication/modification options to ensure fast, efficient and low cost passage through testing.

Regulatory Testing Services

FCC Emissions Testing

FCC Emissions Testing

Price: $2,000 - $8,000*

Your computer will undergo conducted and radiated emissions testing to comply with FCC part 15 (class A or B).

FCC testing is the minimum required for computers in the United States. Testing includes conducted and radiated emissions tests. The cost of testing is less than the cost of a product recall. By using Logic Supply to perform your regulatory testing, you can have confidence that your unit meets federal requirements.

CE Emissions Testing

CE Emissions & Safety Testing

Price: $5,000 - $15,000*

Your computer will undergo the FCC conducted and radiated emissions testing according to EN 55022 and EN 55024 (Class A or B), as well as basic safety testing (test EN 60950) to ensure it meets CE certification standards. If you are selling into the European market, CE testing is required. All of our test procedures meet the harmonized European requirements.

CE and CB Emissions and Safety Testing

CE + CB Emissions & Safety By Certified Body

Price: $6,000 - $25,000*

Your computer will undergo the FCC conducted and radiated emissions testing according to EN 55022 and EN 55024 (Class A or B), as well as basic safety testing according to IEC 60950 performed by a Nationally Recognized Safety Laboratory to ensure it meets CE certification standards. Having your systems CB tested allows for easy access to the World market.

Customer Defined Testing

Customer Defined Testing

Price: Based On Project Requirements

If your application requires you complete other specific tests not covered by the above testing options, we can work with you to outline a testing plan. Start with a conversation with one of our Engineers who will advise you on the best approach.


CCC Certification

CCC Certification

CCC Certification

Price: Starting At $20,000*

We will manage and support the CCC certification of your product to aid you in selling it into the Chinese market. This CCC certification takes approximately 12-16 weeks. Included in this testing is the CB safety testing conducted by the CQC. Also included is the cost of 3 sample systems, which are required for testing. We will also ensure quality by having on-site QA by a Logic Supply specialist. Recurring charges may also apply to maintain the CCC certification if you are building product over the course of multiple years. The finished product must be manufactured in our CCC certified manufacturing facility in China.

CCC Annual Renewal

Price: $1,000 - $5,000*

CCC Certification requires an annual inspection of our manufacturing facility to ensure it meets standards outlined by the governing body.

* Pricing dependent on product and testing requirements.

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