ML100 Series Industrial Fanless NUC Computer

Industrial NUC. A little computer goes a long way.

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“We were excited when Logic Supply was one of the first companies to develop industrial Intel NUC systems years ago. Since that time, the industry has incorporated the NUC into many industrial applications due to its performance, reliability, and size, and Logic Supply has established itself with industry-leading solutions in the fanless NUC market.”


Joel Christensen | GM Systems Product Group, Intel Corporation

A Little Logic

For more than 14 years, we’ve committed ourselves to making computers more reliable, durable, and flexible. We also pride ourselves in taking care of our customers, working with them to make sure they’re getting the solution that best meets their needs without the long lead times, MOQ’s, or dealer markups of a typical IPC company.

CL100 Fanless NUC with pen

Form & Function

The Next Unit of Computing represents the evolution of computer hardware, bringing the power of a full desktop tower to a system that fits in the palm of your hand. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you; the NUC still packs full-featured I/O into its low-profile coastline, giving you the flexibility you need in an attractively small package.

The Heart of Your Application

Powered by the latest generation of Intel processing, the small-but-mighty NUC tackles your most challenging computing tasks while disappearing completely as an embedded system or tucking discretely away thanks to its diverse mounting options, saving you valuable workspace.

Fanless NUC Computer

Hardshell Technology

Our Hardshell™ Fanless Technology not only cools these tiny powerhouses, but also protects them from dust, debris, dents, and dings. This maintenance-free sealed design saves you time and repair costs and makes the NUC ideal for constrained installations and challenging environments.

Fanless NUC Computer with 4G

4G LTE Capable

Never let a remote installation or spotty internet access stop you. The ML100 series is the first and only cellular connected industrial NUC, featuring our Extrovert 4G modem. Always on, always connected.

Custom branded NUC computer

Make It Yours

Our industrial NUC’s are striking, but they really shine when customized. Our Rapid Branding Program helps you expand your brand image through the visual customization of your system, including colors and graphics, in as little as 30 days. Stand out from the rest with your unique NUC.

ML100 Fanless NUC Computer

ML100 Series

NUC. Evolved.

Representing the leading edge of small form factor industrial computing, the ML100 brings Intel’s latest generation processors to our toughest NUC enclosure ever.

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CL100 Fanless NUC Computer

CL100 Series

Anything, Anywhere.

Ultra-small, ultra-reliable, the CL100 packs dependable performance in a system that can be installed virtually anywhere.

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