Jetway 4x COM Module

Jetway 4x COM Module

Adds up to four additional RS-232 COM ports (two RS-232 back panel access and two RS-232/422/482 from pin headers) to the Jetway NF9D, NF99, NF92, NF96, and NC9C-series mainboards.


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    Add-on module for the Jetway NF9D, NF99, NF92, and NF96-series mainboards. Provides 4 additional RS-232 COM ports, two RS-232 are externally accessible and two RS-232/422/485 are accessible via pin headers (cables included). Includes backplate (I/O shield).


    • Supports 4 x DB-9 ports: 2 x RS-232 (externally accessible) and 2 x RS-232/422/485 from onboard pin headers
    • Supports auto RTS RS-485 flow control
    • Supports powered RS-232 selectable

    Technische specificaties

    Manufacturer Launch Date Nee
    Expected Life Cycle Nee
    Included Accessories


    2 x header cable

    Includes 4 backplates (I/O shields) for the J7F2WE/J7F5M, NF92, NC92, and NF96

    Daughter Board Type PCI 120-pin
    Networking type Nee
    Connectivity Nee
    Frequency Range Nee
    Network Standards Nee
    Bandwidth Nee
    Authentication Protocols Nee
    Architecture Nee
    Uitbreidingsmogelijkheden Jetway PCIe dochterbord
    Operating Temperature Range Nee
    Operating Humidity Nee
    Input Voltage Nee
    Output Voltage Nee
    Shock Tolerance (Operating) Nee
    Shock Tolerance (Non-operating) Nee
    Vibration Tolerance (Non-operating) Nee
    Vibration Tolerance (Operating) Nee
    Acoustics Nee
    RAID Support Nee
    Dimensions (WxHxD) Nee
    Regulatory Information Nee
    Garantie Nee
    Manufacturer's Product Page Nee
    Opslagmogelijkheden Nee
    Graphics/GPU Nee
    LAN Controller Nee
    Schermresolutie Nee
    Power Input Nee