M2-ATX-HV Automotive DC-DC Power Supply, 140 W

Wide input (6~32 V) 140-watt high voltage DC-DC intelligent power supply that can control the ON/OFF switch of a mainboard based on the ignition status.
  • 140 watts
  • 6 ~ 32 V Input
  • 2-PEM Mounting

The M2-ATX-HV is an intelligent, high-performance, vehicle (car/boat/electric cart) 12-volt DC-DC ATX PC power supply designed for car PC and battery-powered applications. Designed to provide power and to control the ON/OFF switch of a mainboard (car PC) based on ignition status, the M2-ATX-HV is a wide input (6~32 V) vehicle/car/battery operated ATX power supply capable of surviving tough car engine cranks (down to 6 volts), as well as transient over-voltage situations. Just connect it to your car/boat/RV/solar battery and power up your PC!

The M2-ATX comes with a complete cable harness consisting of:
  • ATX cable extender plus HDD and Floppy power (9")
  • Power input cable harness terminated in 0.25' fastons (12")
  • Cable harness includes connectors for: 1 Molex, 1 Berg, 1 SATA power, and 2 ATX
  • SATA power cable
  • 2-pin M/B on/off power ON control wire harness (9")
  • Set of LBJ (little black jumpers) to control various power sequencing schemes

M2-ATX-HV has 8 user-selectable microcontroller driven timing modes, allowing you to choose up to 8 ignition/shutdown car PC timing schemes via a built-in shutdown controller. By removing all user-selectable jumpers, the M2-ATX-HV becomes a traditional PC PSU with no ignition control (shutdown controller bypassed), and it can be used in non-vehicle computer applications.

Even if your computer is totally off, a PC will still consume a few hundred milliwatts, which are needed to monitor PC ON/OFF status. When the computer (car PC) is in the suspend/sleep mode, it will consume even more power, because the RAM needs to be powered at all times. The power consumption in the suspend mode is a few watts. No matter how big your car battery is, it will eventually drain your vehicle battery in a matter of days.

While in deep sleep mode, M2-ATX-HV constantly monitors your car battery voltage levels, preventing deep discharge situations by automatically shutting down (using a built-in shutdown controller) until battery levels reach safe levels again. These features, along with multiple timing schemes, a small footprint, and a very competitive price, makes the M2-ATX-HV the best solution for DC-DC ATX vehicle/car PC power supply solutions.

M2-ATX-HV is form factor compatible with the VoomPC enclosure and with most Casetronic and Morex chassis, and it is footprint compatible with the M1-ATX. The same version of microcode will run on both M1-ATX and M2-ATX.


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Technical Specs
More Information
Output Voltage 12 V
Power Output 140 W
Input Voltage 6~32 VDC
Power Features Wide Input
Automotive Intelligence
Peripheral Power Out
Dimensions (WxHxD) 160 x 19 x 45mm
Notes M2-ATX-HV provides up to 8 amps on the 12-volt rail, making it ideal for operating most Core 2 Duo, Celeron, and AMD systems. Low power Geode and VIA processors (C3, C7) will work as well, leaving ample power for 12-volt or 5-volt peripherals (multiple 3.5" HDDs, CD-ROM, etc).

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