Wide-Input Programmable UPS with battery backup

Wide-Input Programmable UPS with Battery Backup

OpenUPS2 is a battery backup that supplies a customizable regulated power output in a variety of modes. Can be mounted In-PC for a fully integrated solution (Batteries not included).
  • 30 minute - 1 hour runtime
  • 11~24 V input, 12~24 V output
  • Standard 2.5" HDD mount


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This In-PC UPS is designed to be mounted within most cases which could support a 2.5” SATA drive. Boasting a wide input range of 11 to 24 V, it can be adjusted to provide 12 to 24 V of uninterruptible DC-DC power. With battery backup feature, OpenUPS2 can accommodate most computing needs for roughly 30min - 1hour runtime (system power consumption dependent).

Key Features:

  • Native OS battery support; behaves like a standard laptop battery
  • Individual Battery Cell Temperature Monitoring
  • Start/Stop button
  • No special drivers needed
  • USB interface to motherboard
  • 3-state charger; PreCharge, Constant Current, Constant Voltage
  • Motherboard ON/OFF control
  • Missing battery cells detection (failures coverage)
  • Programmable Voltage Thresholds
  • Mounts in standard 2.5" HDD bay via built-in standoffs
  • Equivalent in size to 3 stacked 2.5" HDD's

Battery Specifications:

  • Size: 18650-type
  • Recommended capacity (default setting): ~1000 mAh
    * Additional capacities configurable through custom settings
  • Runtime: Lithium Iron Phosphate ~15 watt-hours
  • Batteries not included


Technical Specs

Output Voltage 12~24 V
Input Voltage 11~24 V
Power Features Wide Input
Power Input 4-pin
Operating Temperature Range -40 ~ 65°C
Dimensions (WxHxD) 70 x 20.8 x 115mm (without battery)
70 x 25 x 115mm (with battery)
Included Accessories Power Input Cable
Power Output Cable
Power Switch Cable
USB Cable
  • Please Note: Improper installation of batteries can cause permanent damage! Ensure polarity of batteries match polarity of UPS device.