MC600G Expandable Mini-ITX Computer Case

Logic Supply Compact Mini-ITX Case with Expansion (Orange and Silver)

An eye-catching alternative to otherwise dreary commercial IPC cases, the MC600G balances form and function in a compact footprint that nevertheless offers two expansion slots, easy-to-customize front panels, and more, all wrapped in an attractive orange and silver paint job.
  • Optimized cooling for high-performance components
  • 2x PCI slot expansion
  • Rugged, space-efficient design
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MC600 Industrial Versatile Mini-ITX Case


  • Up to two PCI or PCIe expansion cards
  • Cross-case ventilation with fan mufflers (second MagLev fan optional)
  • Highly customizable chassis for rapid production of a branded solution
  • Compatible with nearly every Mini-ITX motherboard
  • Long life cycle with Revision Control
  • 12 mounting positions for 2.5” HDDs with the use of HDD brackets and optional trays.
  • Up to two 3.5” HDDs with 3.5" HDD stacking brackets
  • Smart power button with auto power-on setting
  • Rugged plated-steel design with scratch resistant coating and superior EMI protection


With an eye on maximum adaptability for commercial applications, the MC600G offers near-universal compatibility for Mini-ITX motherboards, from energy-sipping Intel Atom processors to high-performance i7 and Xeon-powered boards. Applications can also take advantage of the MC600G's additional storage drive and expansion options, for multi-drive RAID arrays or the installation of network, audio, or proprietary expansion cards. From surveillance NVRs to high-performance workstations, the MC600G is versatile enough but compact enough for just about any application.

MC600 Mini-ITX Computer with 2 PCI Expansion Slots
MC600 Emissions Compliant Design


Although the orange and silver paint job already stands out from the crowd, the MC600G is easy to make your own, from small-run screen printing of company logos to customized front plates to accommodate additional I/O or even multifunction LCD displays or front-mounted hot-swap bays and custom packaging. Whether running a digital signage video wall, surveillance NVR, or network attached storage (NAS), the MC600G provides the ideal foundation for many applications. Also available in black (MC600), call us to design yours today.



Technical Specs

Manufacturer Launch Date Q1'14
Case Type Customizable
Case Material Steel
Dimensions (WxHxD) 334 x 64 x 198 mm
13.1 x 2.5 x 7.8"
Front I/O 2x USB ports
Power Button
Port Punchouts 2 Serial
5 Antenna holes
DC Jack
Mounting Options DIN-mount
Included Accessories Fan splitter cable Screws and hardware Rubber case feet Plastic hard drive shields
Regulatory Information RoHS

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