Vibration Isolating Mounting Kit

Vibration Isolating Mounting Kit

Set of four rubber sandwich mounts designed for mounting computer systems in vibration-prone environments. Ideal for use with automotive and mobile computer systems.


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    For improved system reliability in automotive or other vibration-prone environments, the AVMK-1 kit offers an easy to install kit for securing a computer system to a moving vehicle. It provides four rubber sandwich mounts with 1/4-20 x 5/8 screws that attach to the mounting brackets of the unit. Please note, this kit is currently recommended for use with the MV101 case/system and the AG150 system. Other configurations might be compatible and we strongly recommend confirming compatibility with any custom enclosures.


    Rated for temperatures of -10°C to 80°C.


    Height with bracket of case is 2.85" plus 5/8" for rubber of bumper.

    Technical Specs

    SKU AVMK-1
    Mounting Options Wall-mount
    Included Accessories

    4 Sandwich mounts

    8 washers

    8 locking nuts