Testing & Certifications

Ensure that your hardware is ready for the field utilizing our range of testing and certification options.

Testing & Certifications

Prevent problems before they happen by testing your system for vibration, shock, thermal, dust and water. Logic Supply offers a variety of test methods to suit customer needs and applications. We can even test to your provided standards.

Environmental Testing For Computers

Environmental Testing


Shock and Vibration Testing

Logic Supply offers this testing to assure the mechanical integrity of your system.The cases are tested, and all the internal cables, circuit boards, and high risk components, such as capacitors and heat sinks, are verified as structurally sound.


Transportation Vibration Testing

Are you considering fleet vehicle computers? Let Logic Supply perform transportation vibration and operational shock testing on your system. We will find and fix any Achilles heel before it gets you.


IP Testing

Do you have concerns with salt water damaging systems? Do you think dust will shorten the life of your computer? This testing procedure tests water resilience and dust resistance on systems.


Thermal Testing

Logic Supply offers two paths: Accelerated Life Testing, which will push your product to the edge in order to understand its potential weaknesses; and Environmental Stress Screening, which holds your product to its specific environmental claims in order to ensure it meets target operational specifications.

Regulatory Testing For Computers

Regulatory Testing


Our Capabilities and Deliverables

  • Our solar powered emissions test lab will save significant time and costs compared to large impersonal test houses
  • We assure consistent manufacturing through revision control and LEAN manufacturing practices
  • We will include your Declaration of Conformance (DoC) documents with CE systems and also maintain a design history file for your project. We can help you with the required adhesive labels to mark your system with a badge of your conformity
  • We have experienced EMI professionals and engineers to solve complex problems quickly
  • We have substitute hardware components and rapid metal fabrication/modification options to assure a quick and low cost passage through testing

FCC Emissions Testing

FCC testing is the minimum required for systems in the United States. Testing includes conducted and radiated emissions tests. The cost of testing is less than the cost of a product recall. By using Logic Supply to perform your regulatory testing, you can have confidence that your unit meets federal requirements.


CE Emissions & Safety Testing

CE testing includes FCC testing (conducted and radiated emissions) and basic safety. If your product is destined to be sold in the European market, CE testing is a must. Our testing procedures meet the harmonized European requirements. If your product needs to be sold in other countries other than the EU, start with CE testing at our fully accredited lab and we can provide the necessary documentation to other regulating bodies to apply for alternate markings.

Customer Specific Testing For Computers

Customer Specific Testing

Do you have your own test requirements? Logic Supply offers a variety of testing methods, a few of which include, but are not limited to, salt fog, dust, high altitude, direct solar thermal gain, and even flammability. Or, simply provide your own list of test requirements and we can help create a test plan for you.


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