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Custom Designed Hardware in 90 Days

We understand the cost and engineering challenges that software companies face when taking on hardware development in-house. Hiring an engineering team, finding quality manufacturers and setting up an international supply chain are all time consuming and expensive potential roadblocks. Working with Logic Supply bypasses these stresses and allows you to have custom designed hardware in your hands and running in as little as 90 days.


The pairing of our accessible Design & Engineering Team, modular hardware design and consultative approach, allows us to work quickly and efficiently to ensure we meet your hardware requirements on time and on budget.


There are 3 primary ways you can choose to work with Logic Supply:

  • Configure a system from off-the-shelf components.
  • Elect to make case modifications to existing platforms.
  • Engage with us on fully custom case development.

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Case Design & Engineering

Small Case Modifications

Semi-Custom Case Modifications

Price: Based On Project Requirements

We've designed our computer cases with flexibility in mind. By leveraging our modular platform architecture and our in-house Engineering & Design Team, we can quickly and cost effectively modify our chassis for your specific project needs. Anything from new mounting holes to the incorporation of more complex features, we'll work with you to create the ideal solution.

Fully Custom Case Development

Custom Case Development

Price: Based On Project Requirements

If our standard case designs aren’t what you are looking for, or if you want something unique to your brand, we can work with you to develop a fully custom solution from the ground up. We will take your requirements, generate concept sketches, develop a concept and manage the entire production process.

Custom Faceplate and Backplate Design

Custom Faceplate & Backplate Design

One Plate SKU: SV-1PlateDesign | Price: $5,000 NRE

Both Plates SKU: SV-2PlateDesign | Price: $7,000 NRE

Take the faceplate, backplate, or both, of one of our computers and customize it to meet your requirements. Due to our highly modular product architecture we are able to quickly switch out individual parts. Customization options include, but are not limited to, additional cutouts for I/O, removing cutouts to hide I/O, custom port labeling and different material finishes.

Custom Motherboard Case Kit

Custom Chassis Kit For Motherboard

Both Plates SKU: SV-HPKitDesign | Price: $9,000 NRE

To ensure excellent thermal performance and access to all I/O, our Industrial Line of cases require a specific heatsink, frontplate and backplate for each motherboard. If you would like to use a motherboard which isn’t offered in our standard lineup this service will ensure that the board selected for your application will work with your desired case.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Price: Based On Project Requirements

Engage our Industrial Design Team to take the design of your custom computer to the next level. We will take you through the product development process, from concept generation, through concept development to finalized 3D renderings. The 3D renderings offer invaluable insight into how your finished product will look.


Component Design, Manufacture & Sourcing

Custom Mounitng Brackets

Custom Mounting Brackets

Price: Based On Project Requirements

Most of our computers are designed with VESA, DIN and wall-mounting options. If you have other specific mounting requirements we can make custom brackets to accommodate them. Past projects include rackmount adapters and secure, theft-deterrent housings.

Custom Components

Custom Components (buttons, boards etc)

Price: Based On Project Requirements

This service offers design, project management and production support of bespoke components, such as power buttons, cables and boards.

Custom Wire Harnesses

Custom Wire Harnesses

Price: Based On Project Requirements

If your computer requires a custom wire harness we can either design it in-house or use our extensive supply chain network to find one that will work for your system.

Custom Buttons

Custom Power & Function Buttons

Price: Based On Project Requirements

We can design and manufacture custom power and functionality buttons which can be incorporated into the faceplate of your computer in place of our traditional power button. Past projects have included call home, and connectivity check buttons. This service usually requires the customization of our faceplates to accommodate the new buttons.

Custom LED Indicators

Custom LED Light Indicators

Price: Based On Project Requirements

Add specific system status indicators, to communicate information such as WiFi strength, LAN or storage activity to your computer. This type of customization is most frequently handled through the use of graphic overlays with embedded LEDs, but other options are available.

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