Intel Celeron G3900T 2.3 GHz Processor: LGA1151

Intel Celeron G3900TE (Skylake) 2.3 GHz Processor: LGA1151

The Intel Celeron G3900TE (Skylake) processor provides an economical entry point into the improved performance and efficiency of the 6th generation Skylake platform.
  • 2.3 GHz 6th Generation Skylake Desktop CPU
  • LGA1151 Desktop Socket
  • 35 W TDP


65,00 € 78,65 € Inkl. MwST.
Erwartet 18/05/2018


The Dual-Core Intel Celeron G3900TE is compatible with Intel's 6th Generation Skylake desktop motherboards and features a 35 W TDP, 2.3 GHz base frequency and is compatible with both DDR3L and DDR4 memory. Offering an embedded life cycle and designed to optimize performance while maximizing power efficiency, the G3900TE is ideal for embedded applications.

Technische Spezifikationen

Art.-Nr. G3900TE
Datum der Herausgabe durch den Hersteller Q4'15
Prozessorsockel LGA1151
Prozessorgeneration Skylake
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit 2.3 GHz
Grafik/GPU Intel HD Graphics 510
Prozessor-Cores 2
Speicherkapazität 32 GB
Garantie 30 days
For additional support please see the Intel Support site.
Produktseite des Herstellers For more information, please see this product's webpage.
  • This is an OEM processor; it comes in bulk packaging. There is no heat sink or fan included. Depending on what Logic Supply has for available stock, a customer might receive a box version processor instead of the OEM version.