Intel Core i7-620M (Arrandale) 2.66 GHz Processor: Socket G1 - SLBPD

The Intel Core i7-620M 2.66 GHz Processor, featuring Intel Turbo Boost Technology. This is an OEM processor; it comes in bulk packaging. Processor is compatible with Intel Core Socket G1 (Arrandale platform) mainboards.
  • 1st Generation Intel Core i7
  • PGA988 (G1) Mobile Socket

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This processor is compatible with Intel's Core family of mainboards (Arrandale platform), and is part of Intel's Embedded long life cycle roadmap. Intel's Core family of processors is designed to maximize small form factor processing power, including Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which allows the processor to temporarily increase speed (in this case from 2.66 GHz to 3.333 GHz), in order to handle intensive application demands. These processors are ideal for demanding digital signage and image processing applications.
Technical Specs
More Information
SKU i7-620M
Datum der Herausgabe durch den Hersteller Q1'10
Embedded Life Cycle Yes
Prozessorsockel G1 (rPGA988A)
Prozessorgeneration Arrandale
Prozessorgeschwindigkeit 2.66 GHz
Max. Turbofrequenz (GHz) 3,33
Grafik/GPU Intel HD Graphics
Tjunction/Tmax 105°C
Prozessor-Cores 2
vPro-Unterstützung Ja
Speicherkapazität 8 GB
Garantie 30 Days
For additional support please see the Intel Support site.
Produktseite des Herstellers For more information, please see this product's webpage.
Hinweise This is an OEM processor; it comes in bulk packaging. There is no heat sink or fan included.
Depending on what Logic Supply has for available stock, a customer might receive a box version processor instead of the OEM version.

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