RS-232 COM Port Header Cable (DTK/INTEL) - 11"

RS-232 COM Port Header Cable - DTK/Intel

Provides a DB9 RS-232 COM port from an IDC10 2.54 mm pitch pin header on a mainboard using the DTK/INTEL wiring version.
  • 280mm length; includes PCI bracket
  • IDC 10pin connector, 2.54mm pitch
  • DTK/Intel Pinout
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This RS-232 COM cable has an IDC10 header connector with a 2.54 mm pitch which plugs into the RS-232 COM header of the mainboard. The DB9 connector is mounted on an ISA/PCI slot bracket. The DB9 connector also fits directly into the DB9 slot of most cases.


Connectors: DB9 Male to IDC10 Female


This version, known as DTK/INTEL, uses the following wiring:


DB9 Connector

DB9 Connector


IDC10 Connector

IDC10 Connector


Motherboard Header

Motherboard Header


DB-9 IDC-10
Pin 1 Pin 1
Pin 2 Pin 3
Pin 3 Pin 5
Pin 4 Pin 7
Pin 5 Pin 9
Pin 6 Pin 2
Pin 7 Pin 4
Pin 8 Pin 6
Pin 9 Pin 8
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Technical Specs

Cable Length (mm) 279
Included Accessories Metal bracket.
Regulatory Information RoHS