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intelligent NVR with Gorilla

Powering Innovation: Intelligent NVRs with Gorilla

The Next Generation of Intelligent NVRs Intelligent NVRs are the technological evolution of network video recorders, offering real-time object detection and artificial intelligence, enabling actionable insights and solutions to real-world business challenges. Traditionally, NVRs simply record and play back events that have already transpired, requiring additional steps and manual intervention to review, process and act […]

Creating Karbon 700: High-Performance Rugged Computing at the Edge

As the edge continues to expand farther out from the data center, the need for reliable, high-performance rugged computing at the edge has grown tremendously, particularly around video and image processing. Engineers and Project Managers working on solutions that require both significant power and extreme durability are often faced with difficult decisions trying to balance […]


Challenge What’s Possible: Exploring the Karbon 300 Micro Control Unit

The most exciting thing for us as a technology company is seeing how our partners are pushing the limits of what’s possible with our hardware. As you’re out there creating innovative solutions to problems, we’re also hard at work developing the tools to help you make it possible. The use cases for edge PCs vary […]

rugged edge computer

Why Use Rugged PCs At The Edge?

Smart Technology, (Almost) Everywhere After hearing the initial buzz around the “Internet of Things” and how connected devices were the future, it was hard not to joke about refrigerators sending Tweets when you ran out of eggs. While it is amazing we can get real-time inventory updates from the icebox, that IoT has permeated nearly […]

Logic Supply Karbon 300 Banner

The Karbon 300 Story: A Customer-Centered Design Journey

Our new Karbon 300 Rugged Computer combines the latest in vision processing, wireless communication, security, and cloud capabilities in a chassis built to withstand anything users can dish out. But why did we build it? We asked a couple members of our team to answer that very question, and others, to give you an inside […]

Ignition from Inductive Automation

Harness The Power Of Data With Inductive Automation & Logic Supply At Automate 2019

The term “Industrial Automation” can be applied to a huge range of applications, but if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s data. The heart of the Industrial Internet of Things is the information created and shared by sensors and devices, but that data is useless unless it can be captured, analyzed and […]

movidius vs. gpu

What are Video Processing Units (VPUs)? A Look at the Brave New Future of Edge Computing

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the benefits of this development continuously trickle down and integrate into more of the things that impact our lives. This is particularly true for object recognition and deep learning – computers that can understand that the photo you posted online was of your cat, or detect […]

TIMS Consultant in use

Built With Logic: The TIMS Medical Consultant

In a medical emergency, seconds matter. That reality is a big part of what makes the TIMS Consultant from TIMS Medical (a division of Foresight Imaging) such a vital piece of today’s connected medical facility. TIMS Consultant lets patient care teams, no matter their location, collaborate using high resolution video, delivered at ultra-low latency, to […]

James presenting at AWS reInvent 2018

Building A More Secure, More Actionable Cloud – Logic Supply at AWS re:Invent 2018

There are more tools than ever designed to make our world, and our work, more efficient. But identifying the right tool for the job can be the difference between eliminating challenges and simply adding more steps to an already complex process. In the end, the growth and development of Industry 4.0, or the Industrial Internet […]