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intelligent NVR with Gorilla

Powering Innovation: Intelligent NVRs with Gorilla

The Next Generation of Intelligent NVRs Intelligent NVRs are the technological evolution of network video recorders, offering real-time object detection and artificial intelligence, enabling actionable insights and solutions to real-world business challenges. Traditionally, NVRs simply record and play back events that have already transpired, requiring additional steps and manual intervention to review, process and act […]

Creating Karbon 700: High-Performance Rugged Computing at the Edge

As the edge continues to expand farther out from the data center, the need for reliable, high-performance rugged computing at the edge has grown tremendously, particularly around video and image processing. Engineers and Project Managers working on solutions that require both significant power and extreme durability are often faced with difficult decisions trying to balance […]


Challenge What’s Possible: Exploring the Karbon 300 Micro Control Unit

The most exciting thing for us as a technology company is seeing how our partners are pushing the limits of what’s possible with our hardware. As you’re out there creating innovative solutions to problems, we’re also hard at work developing the tools to help you make it possible. The use cases for edge PCs vary […]