Vermont, The Best of Both Worlds

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Mike K.

Mike K. Engineering

"I've lived in a number of other locations in Europe and Asia over the years but Vermont is our favorite place to live and raise a family. Lots of opportunities for kids and good schools."

Ana V. Sales

"I have done my fair share of traveling, but I have never actually moved out of Vermont. The Lake and the mountains, the people and the food culture, all make Vermont such a special place to live."

Jeremy P.

Jeremy P. Support

"Tech isn’t the only innovation in VT. Microbrew & homebrew communities are pushing the beer-boundaries, along with new spaces like barcades and escape rooms adding to a great art house cinema and local music scene."

Steve W.

Steve W. Sales

"I love Vermont’s values, the smaller population and down-to-earth people. There’s great hiking, skiing, and phenomenal local food plus minimal natural disasters and great local beer!"

Darek F.

Darek F. Marketing

"I grew up here and wouldn't trade it for the world. My town was full of other kids my age and we were able to ride our bikes, play in the woods and generally just be kids without a lot of the concerns of bigger cities."

Riley H.

Riley H. Marketing

"The community in Vermont is very open, because everyone knows each other, making collaboration and networking within the community so easy for individuals and businesses alike."

Tosha H.

Tosha H. Product Management

"Even though Vermont’s a small community, we're a very diverse one in terms of the varying interests and hobbies. Chances are if you're into it, there is a group of people in the area for you to meet up with! "

Allison M.

Allison M. IT

"Vermont has a little bit of everything and not an overload of anything. Allows for you to enjoy and experience new things as well as build your lifestyle to include what is important to you."

Erika A.

Erika A. Marketing

"Vermont has a great track record for social justice. Vermont was one of the first states to legalize marriage for all and when disasters like hurricane Irene wiped out towns, the community rallied together."

Ken D.

Ken D. Computer Production

"From a parents perspective, highly rated school systems, numerous outdoor activities and opportunities to involve the children and myself in. Vermont is rated highly as one of the healthiest States in the US. "

Mark F. Fulfillment

"A 2002 New Year’s Eve resolution of 'let’s live where we vacation' was taken to heart. And now, the outside wall of my daughter’s elementary school doubles as a ski rack!"

Amy C.

Amy C. IT

"Schools are good and I just feel safe raising my family here. We have small towns, but it’s also convenient to travel to big cities for different experiences and events."


Vermont's Growing Tech Center

VT Tech Employment

Tech Jobs make up 25% of all Employment in Vermont.


Vermont’s tech business sector generates a total of 77,249 jobs representing a quarter of Vermont’s total employment of 304,554 and 30% of Vermont’s private employment of 251,528, based on 2014.

$14 Billion in Annual VT Wages

Tech Jobs Represent 40% of all Vermont Wages.


Given that Vermont has 77,249 tech jobs with an average annual wage of $72,732, this generates an estimated $5.6 billion in annual wages throughout the Vermont economy. This represents a substantial share of Vermont’s approximately $14 billion in total wages.

VT Employment Percentage Increase

The Vermont Tech Industry is Growing 7x Faster.


Total Tech employment in Vermont increased 8.3% from 2005 to 2014. In comparison, Vermont’s average employment grew only 1.2% for the same period. This represents an increase in 7,879 STEM-based jobs, with STEM Core jobs growing at an even faster rate of 8.7%.


Source: Vermont’s Tech Employment : Tech Jobs Report 2016, Vermont Technology Alliance. View the full report.


InnoVaTe: VT PBS Takes A Tour Of Logic Supply


InnoVaTe: Logic Supply


Logic Supply was proud to be a part of the InnoVaTe series on PBS, hosted by Victoria Taylor, highlighting the state's tech sector and Vermont's culture of creativity and innovation.