LCD Kit for MC500 Mini-ITX Case

LCD Kit for MC500 Mini-ITX Case

Adds an LCD display with programmable buttons to the MC500 compact Mini-ITX case; ideal for use in remote deployments or appliance computing.


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    Ideal for use in network appliances or applications where the system will be running without a monitor, the AKLCD-MC500 adds 4x20-character LCD display with six buttons to the front panel of the MC500 compact Mini-ITX chassis.


    Like what you see, but need something a little different? The MC500 and AKLCD-MC500 are easily rebranded or customized to fit your application, with options for any product size or budget. Options include additional front panel I/O designs to custom screen printing and colors. For customization options, please contact a Logic Supply technical sales associate at 802 861 2300, option 1.

    Technische specificaties

    Manufacturer Launch Date Nee
    Expected Life Cycle Nee
    Processorsocket Nee
    Input Voltage Nee
    Operating Temperature Range Nee
    Mountingtype Nee
    Optical Drive Bay Nee
    Dimensions (WxHxD) Nee
    Fan Bearing Type Nee
    Fan Speed (RPM) 0
    Acoustics Nee
    Air Flow (CFM) 0
    Included Accessories


    LCD Display

    4x Spacers

    4x M2 Nuts

    4x M2 Washers

    Regulatory Information RoHS
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    • Case not included.