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Prototypes in days, not weeks.

We understand your need to get product in hand as quickly as possible to validate functionality, which is why, unlike all our competitors, we can deliver your built-to-order systems in as little as 2 days. Our innovative approach to hardware allows for quick customization of long-lifecycle systems with locked down bills-of-materials.


To aid your prototyping and product development cycle we offer the following services:


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Prototyping Services

Hardware Specialists

Needs Analysis & Hardware Recommendation

Our team of Hardware Specialists take a consultative approach when meeting with you to discuss your hardware needs and challenges. We like to get into the specs, but find that we can frequently identify significant cost savings for you by first fully understanding the application for the hardware before configuring a solution that will perfectly meet your needs.

TryLogic Protptyping

TryLogic 30-Day Risk Free Prototyping

Want to ensure that your selected system is a perfect fit? Try a Logic Supply Computer risk free for 30 Days! Simply Request your TryLogic promotional code online and then purchase your system using your code. Once ordered, take 30 Days to confirm that the system and configuration are right for your application. For immediate assistance and additional information about TryLogic, please call +1 802 861 2300. Terms and Conditions apply.

Expedited Prototyping

Expedited Prototyping

At Logic Supply we leverage the benefits of off-the-shelf components to be able to offer rapid computer customization. Our standard production time is second to none. No one else offers this level of customization, with the ability to have a fixed components list for future orders as standard, as well as computers ready to ship in as little as 1 day. Build & Test options include:

  • 5-Day Prototype (Standard)
  • 3-Day Expedited Prototype
  • 1-Day Rush Prototype

Validation & Application Engineering

Whether you are new to hardware, a seasoned IT pro or an embedded engineer, we’ve got your needs covered. Logic Supply is proud to work with everyone from startups, to some of the world’s leading tech companies.No matter the project, we're here to help you choose the ideal hardware configuration for your unique application and ensure you get up and running fast. We are the hardware specialist you've been looking for.


To aid you in your system configuration, prototyping and validation we can offer the following services to take the stress out of hardware selection and standardization:

Customer Component Compatibility Check

Customer Component Compatibility Check

SKU: SV-FAECompat | Price: $1,000 One Time Fee

Let us take the stress out of validating your proprietary or specialized components by ensuring that they fit into our selected chassis and are recognized by your unique system configuration. While your system is being built by our production team, send us any components you wish to have validated for physical fit and system recognition. Once we receive the parts, one of our Field Application Engineers will finalize the assembly and check that everything works well together. We will then send you a brief report to notify you of the successful compatibility and indicate any potential challenges we identify.

Thermal System Testing

Thermal System Testing

SKU: SV-PhysicalTest | Price: $800 One Time Fee

If you're interested in a more thorough thermal analysis of your final configured system, this is the service for you. Purchase this service, along with any system, and we will run our proprietary burn-in testing while monitoring the heat generated while the hardware is under significant computational loads. A short report will be provided for your analysis once testing is complete.

Application Software Testing

Application Software Testing

SKU: SV-SWTest | Price: $1,000 One Time Fee

We will validate that your software installs and loads correctly on your hardware configuration of choice. Simply purchase a system and, once it arrives, install any OS and/or software and ship it back to us. We will do a full analysis on whether the software has installed correctly and whether the system is fully capable of optimally running the application.

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