Ordinateurs clients légers industriels permettent une gestion efficace de matériel et la virtualisation du système dans des environnements défavorables. Lorsqu'il est combiné avec ThinManager, mise à jour et correctifs peuvent être faites à partir d'un serveur centralisé. Aussi disponibles auprès des principaux revendeurs et intégrateurs d'automatisation.

Ultra-reliable Industrial Thin Client Computers.

Our line of industrial-grade small form factor thin clients are perfect for installations that experience high failure rates due to dust, temperature, vibration and other common environmental challenges. By switching to a Logic Supply fanless and ventless thin client you can reduce downtime and increase throughput while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

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Industrial Bay Trail Celeron Thin Mini-ITX Computer

Industrial Fanless Mini PC with ThinManager

  • Intel Quad-Core Braswell Celeron processing
  • Up to 16 GB memory
  • ThinManager® Ready

à partir de:

502,50 € 608,03 € incl. TVA
In Stock

TM100 Industrial Intel Bay Trail Fanless NUC Computer

Industrial Compact Thin Client with ThinManager

  • Intel Quad-core Bay Trail processing
  • Dual Gb Ethernet
  • ThinManager® Ready

à partir de:

651,40 € 788,19 € incl. TVA
In Stock

TM200 Industrial Thin Client with ThinManager

Industrial Thin Client with ThinManager

  • Intel Quad-core Celeron processing
  • Up to 8 GB memory
  • ThinManager® Ready

à partir de:

566,90 € 685,95 € incl. TVA
In Stock

Industrial Quad Display Computer with ThinManager

Industrial Five Display Thin Client with ThinManager

  • Supports five independent displays with discrete GPU
  • High-performance Core i3 processor
  • ThinManager® Ready

à partir de:

1 092,85 € 1 322,35 € incl. TVA
In Stock

TM300Cincoze Rugged Intel Bay Trail Fanless Computer with ThinManager

Rugged Wide-Temp Thin Client with ThinManager

  • Intel Quad-core Bay Trail processing
  • Up to 4 GB memory
  • ThinManager® Ready

à partir de:

858,00 € 1 038,18 € incl. TVA
In Stock

TM400 Cincoze Crystal Intel Bay Trail Industrial Panel PC

Industrial Panel PC with ThinManager

  • Intel Bay Trail processing
  • Resistive Touch Screen, IP65 Bezel
  • ThinManager® Ready

à partir de:

1 424,00 € 1 723,04 € incl. TVA
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