PCI Express x16 Compact Flexible Riser Card

PCI Express x16 3.0 Compact Flexible Riser Card

Small footprint riser card designed to position a PCI Express card away from the mainboard. However, it can be redirected to face toward the mainboard.
  • 100mm flexible, shielded ribbon
  • x16 to x16
  • Mountable female PCIe slot


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This PCI Express riser/extender can be used to mount a PCI Express x16 card in a wide variety of situations. It is especially suitable for custom enclosures and low-profile rackmount chassis. This riser card faces away from the mainboard; however, since it is flexible, it can be redirected. Please ensure that PCI cards are securely mounted in an EMI safe location, and that no shorts have occurred due to poor PCI card placement.

Technical Specs

Expansion Options 1 PCIe x16 slot
  • Maximum Recommended Wattage: 12 V Rail: ~15 W, 3.3 V Rail: ~5 W.
    *Wattage and throughput is environment and usage dependent. High-temperature environments can cause cable failure at lower specs.