Intel Core i3-4330TE (Haswell) 2.4 GHz Processor: LGA1150 - SR180

The Intel Core i3-4330TE (Haswell) is compatible with Intel's 4th-Generation Core family of Haswell desktop motherboards and is designed to maximize processing power.
  • 2.4Ghz 4th Generation Haswell Desktop CPU
  • LGA1150 Desktop Socket
  • 35 W TDP


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Intel Haswell Processing brings next generation performance, efficiency and value to your computer. The 4th Generation Intel Core i platform is unrivaled in the industry.

The Haswell platform delivers energy efficiency never before seen in the processor market. At just 35 watts, Haswell brings a 10% performance increases over the 3rd Generation 55 watt processors. Less energy with more processing power makes the 4th Generation processors perfect for embedded and industrial applications that require the utmost efficiency in their hardware.

Intel Haswell Core i Processors feature HyperThreading™, allowing for significant performance increases across the board. With HyperThreading™, each processor core can handle two tasks at once, meaning each core is twice as efficient as processors that lack this innovative technology. This improved performance happens without affecting power consumption, giving Haswell incredible performance per watt.

Intel 4th Generation Haswell processors feature SpeedStep, Intel Virtualization Technology, 64-Bit computing, Smart Thermal Monitoring and much more. All of these technologies ad up to a processing experience like no other. These advanced features, combined with the latest motherboard and chipset technologies,allow embedded, industrial and manufacturing computing to go places it never has before.

Technical Specs

SKU i3-4330TE
Manufacturer Launch Date Q3'13
Embedded Life Cycle Yes
Processor Socket LGA1150
Processor Generation Haswell
Processor Speed 2.4 GHz
Graphics/GPU Intel HD Graphics 4400
Tjunction/Tmax 72 C
Processor Cores 2
Memory Capacity 32 GB
Warranty 30 days
For additional support please see the Intel Support site.
  • This is an OEM processor; it comes in bulk packaging. There is no heat sink or fan included. Depending on what Logic Supply has for available stock, a customer might receive a box version processor instead of the OEM version.