Perfectron Mil-Spec Computers

Perfectron Mil-Spec computers conform to MIL-STD 810G standards for shock and vibration resistance and feature ultra-wide operating temperature ranges. Based on an Embedded Board Expandable (EBX) form factor, Perfectron rugged COTS systems offer the highest level of protection and reliability for the most extreme computing environments.

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Rugged Embedded System

Need Rugged, But Not Mil-Spec?

Our line of Rugged Computers includes embedded systems featuring wide operating temperatures, shock and vibration ratings, and wide input power options.

Mil-Spec Computer

What Is A Mil-Spec Computer?

Mil-Spec computers are designed for the most extreme environments and most challenging computing applications. Constructed of ultra-rugged materials both inside and out, Mil-Spec hardware is often subjected to specialized testing to meet various standards and certifications.

Embedded Computer

What Is An Embedded Computer?

An embedded computer is a PC that is integrated into a larger device, often to perform a very specific action. Many embedded computers are single purpose machines, built to collect data, monitor one sensor or control one aspect of a complex machine.