Advantages of Mini-ITX

  • Small systems for space constrained applications – highly-compact Mini-ITX PCs fit where towers don’t
  • Power efficient, but powerful – low power processors ensure system longevity, but Intel options deliver sufficient punch
  • COTS lowers cost, speeds time to market – standard, off the shelf Mini-ITX boards reduce the need for custom development
  • A range of suppliers, an established ecosystem – hundreds of board and case options
  • Industrial solutions available – wide-temp, rugged, fanless, and long lifecycle board versions all exist
  • Modularity and selection yield highly configurable solutions – Mini-ITX enables customized configurations

Mini-ITX Size

Saving you valuable room in space constrained environments, Mini-ITX is only 17 x 17 cm (6.7 x 6.7 inches) and offers both full height and low profile I/O options. The smaller footprint of the form factor makes Mini-ITX the perfect choice for discreet installation in industrial and embedded applications.

Motherboard size comparison
Mini-ITX Motherboard I/O

Full Stack of I/O Options

Selecting Mini-ITX as a form factor definitely doesn't limit your onboard I/O options. The Mini-ITX form factor has the same I/O offerings as an ATX board, all while being housed in a smaller case. Pin-headers can then be used to further increase the I/O options, making sure you have all the ports you need for your application.


Mini-ITX Compatibility

Mini-ITX is an x86 compatible form factor that has been around for over 10 years. The form factor has been adopted by major manufacturers such as Intel, VIA, Jetway, ASRock, Asus, and more. This adoption has led Mini-ITX to be a very modular form factor with a fully developed ecosystem, offering a vast array of compatible products.

Mini-ITX Motherboard in Rackmount Case
Mini-ITX Life cycle

Mini-ITX Long Lifecycles

Lifecycles for embedded Mini-ITX products are usually 5-7 years, with a limited number of revisions. We have excellent established relationships with Mini-ITX vendors, allowing us provide customers with accurate product lifecycle information so you can confidently standardize on a specific product.


View our Extended Life Motherboards.


History of Mini-ITX

Mini-ITX was originally launched by VIA to showcase chipsets and processors. Following its release, there was a significant interest by consumers, and this led to the formal launch of commercial Mini-ITX boards in 2001. Logic Supply were the first company to make Mini-ITX boards available to the US market in 2003.

Mini-ITX Motherboard