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Do you have questions about working at Logic Supply, or would like to know more about an open position? Feel free to contact Mark Heyman, HR Director, at hr@logicsupply.com.

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Free Shipping
Logic Supply offers Free Economy Shipping within the United States on all online orders of $250 and above. If your purchase qualifies for Free Economy Shipping, you will see this option available at the time of checkout.

We only offer Free Economy Shipping to orders shipped within the lower 48 states of the US (excludes Hawaii and Alaska). For Canadian and International customers, we have an Economy Shipping option available via USPS on certain products. For smaller components, this can help reduce overall shipping costs.

For European customers, we have a website and store located in the EU at www.logicsupply.com/eu-en/. If there is something you don't see on the European site, please contact info@logicsupply.eu.