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ION, Fusion, What is Next?

Through the evolution of Mini-ITX, within the embedded and industrial markets we have seen various approaches to performance. Early on, AMD had focused on ultra-low power usage with the Geode line. The LX800 CPU found itself on some boards from … Continue Reading

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The VIA “Home Mini Vault”

Do not confuse VIA‘s most recent ARTiGO, the A2000, with its predecessor, the A1000 Pico-ITX DIY Builder kit. Whereas the A1000 conveniently packages VIA’s Pico-ITX form factor into a kitten-cute, yet, highly functional and ground-breaking system (“That’s a computer, really? … Continue Reading

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Advansus at Computex

Two lucky members of our team recently returned from Taipei. Their chief reason for the trip was for the awesome karaoke, but Computex was a close second. One of the manufacturers on hand for this year’s show was Advansus (as … Continue Reading

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Welcome Home Isaiah

Because of all the buzz surrounding Intel’s latest entry into the Mini-ITX field, I thought it would be fair to talk about the originator of this form factor—VIA. It is interesting to see all the articles out there about the … Continue Reading

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Pico-ITX System Comparisons

It’s been nearly a year since VIA Technologies released their highly anticipated PX10000G mainboard to the embedded market, their first model in their Pico-ITX form factor. When the new board was released for production, case manufacturers were initially a little … Continue Reading

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