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Is Ubuntu for your Industrial or Manufacturing PC?

If the processor is the heart of the pc, the brains are the Operating System. In the Industrial and manufacturing PC space, there is often some hesitation about putting that brain in the hands of the mysteries of Open Source, … Continue Reading

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Firewalls with pfSense® software: What are they and why should I use one?

The firewall, that ubiquitous piece of technology that should be a part of every network, is a crucial choice. Many networking engineers look to Cisco as the default, but a growing number are using open source firewall options like pfSense® … Continue Reading

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‘Desktop Ubuntu is a poor fit for point-of-use applications’: Interview with RapidRollout

Logic Supply recently partnered with RapidRollout, a Linux OS development shop specializing in interactive kiosk and digital signage applications. Founder Forest Bond stopped by to talk shop and weigh in on custom vs. desktop-oriented distributions. Keenan Walsh: So what’s your … Continue Reading

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We’re Teaming with Linux OS Developer RapidRollout!

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with RapidRollout, a developer of custom Linux platforms for computing appliances! This partnership allows us to offer customers complete Linux operating system solutions in addition to its computer hardware.

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Ubuntu 12.04 Long Term Support Gets Longer

Standardization is both the blessing and curse of embedded suppliers and customers. It’s a tightrope walk with long drops to either side: obsolescence and the march of technology on one, redevelopment costs on the other. Generally speaking we err on … Continue Reading

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