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Hardware vs Software RAID: Things Have Changed

With the sheer volume of digital data being generated and stored every day, RAID implementation is a popular topic among both hardware manufacturers and IT integrators who are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of business-critical information. We’ve touched on RAID … Continue Reading

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Do You Always Need A RAID Card to Set Up a RAID Array?

With the recent addition of the Adaptec RAID 6405 Controller Card to our product lineup, we’ve been fielding an increasing number of questions from clients about the uses of RAID for industrial applications and how an expansion card differs from … Continue Reading

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Slipstreaming for Fun and Profit: RAID Setup in Windows XP

In my previous post, I was detailing the process for building an NAS (Network Attached Storage) system using the Gigabyte GA-6KIEH-RH mainboard in the Chenbro ES34069 Mini-ITX Server case. While setting up the system, I hit upon a snag when … Continue Reading

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The Chenbro ES34069 Case Review, Part 2: The Perfect Mainboard?

Update 9/2/2011: Unfortunately, despite its continuing popularity, the Chenbro ES34069 has been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are currently in the process of bringing in a replacement product, and expect to see it next month. Update 5/27/2011:  It’s been quite … Continue Reading

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