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Mini-ITX vs Beaglebone search volume – What is the market saying?

Using Google Trends, we compared search volumes over the last few years for ‘mini-itx’ and ‘beaglebone’ and were struck by the numbers.  As the old Buffalo Springfield song goes, “Something is happening here . . .”

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Alright, Internet: How’s This For a Hit?

At Logic Supply, we take pride in designing and providing rugged, durable systems and enclosures. But ruggedness is not a thing to be talked about: It’s a thing to be demonstrated — and sometimes pushed to the limit. In light … Continue Reading

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Computer Audiophile Reviews the MC500 Mini-ITX Case

I’m always amazed when I think about the variety of customer applications. Our rugged and industrial computer systems hunt hurricanes, power digital signage, and control factory equipment. They even monitor bike racing results. Our friends at Computer Audiophile recently reviewed … Continue Reading

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How Rugged Are Our Rugged Computers?

Here at Logic Supply, it is important to us and our clients who work in harsh locations, that our computers can withstand the toughest environments. Whether it is shock, vibration, dust, dirt, or extreme temperatures, we make sure our systems … Continue Reading

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Finding the Right Wide Temperature Motherboard for Your Rugged Computer

In most industrial applications using the right computer system can mean the difference between saving money and spending thousands of dollars constantly replacing equipment. Environment is a huge factor in the lifespan of your rugged computer. Rugged computers may have … Continue Reading

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