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New Panel PCs: the PL series

 Meet the PL series. With a sleek profile, a variety of sizes, and strong processing power, it may be the answer to the Panel PC needs you might not even know you had. The Panel PC solution These machines are … Continue Reading

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Six COM and Six LAN with an LCD Control Panel? No Problem!

A long-time customer recently came to us with a new networking project that required lots of Ethernet and serial port connectivity. Leveraging the MK150‘s LCD faceplate option and our assembly team’s ability to provide further customization at our facility, we … Continue Reading

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Crisp and Refreshing, New Thin-ITX Board from Intel

Since the day we caught word of Intel’s new Cedar View processors, we’ve been itching to start playing with them and getting them into the hands of our customers. Launch day has finally arrived, so we’re showing off a very … Continue Reading

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Intel’s Next-Generation Atom Mini-ITX Mainboards Have Arrived

At first glimpse, the Intel D410PT, codenamed “Packton,” is simply unimpressive, plain (yawn). The Intel D510MO, codenamed “Mount Olive,” is like the older sibling who, at the very least, plays on the varsity basketball team, but warms the bench most … Continue Reading

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Intel’s D945GCLF2 Little Falls 2: The DiAtomic Mainboard

Intel’s first entry into the Mini-ITX market hit the competition fast and hard with the one-two punch of performance and value offered by the Little Valley series of mainboards. Their low cost, relatively low power consumption and good price-to-performance ratio … Continue Reading

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