USB Wifi Adapter Installation on the BeagleBone Black

The Logic Supply UWN100 and UWN200 Compact USB Wifi Adapters are great for use with the BeagleBone Black. These adapters are based on the relatively new Ralink/MediaTek MT7601 chipset, so drivers are not widely available yet. This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the drivers.

Tutorial: Compact USB Wifi Adapter Installation on the BeagleBone Black

UWN200 with BBB enclosure

UWN200 Compact USB Wifi Adapter shown with BeagleBone Black enclosure


About Roland Groeneveld
Roland Groeneveld is the President & CEO of Logic Supply. He has been with the company, since, well the beginning. He and Lisa founded Logic Supply in 2003 shortly after VIA introduced the Mini-ITX form factor in 2002.
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10 Responses to USB Wifi Adapter Installation on the BeagleBone Black

  1. Teis Draiby says:

    To create a wireless hotspot with the BeagleBone Black, a wifi adapter that supports “Access Point” mode is required (see

    Does the MT7601 chipset support the Access Point mode?

    thanks, Teis

  2. Roland Groeneveld Roland Groeneveld says:
    Logic Supply

    Yes, the Mediatek 7601U chipset supports Access Point mode. We haven’t tested it but it should be possible to make it work. The latest driver can be downloaded from the Mediatek website.

  3. Teis Draiby says:

    Thanks, great. Order placed.

  4. Adam says:

    I cannot get the installation instructions to work (either method) on the latest Angstrom distribution on a BeagleBone Black. Any modifications to the procedure? I have the latest driver from the Mediatek site downloaded. Thanks!

  5. Roland Groeneveld Roland Groeneveld says:
    Logic Supply

    Hi Adam,

    The latest Angstrom distribution already has the drivers for the UWN100 and UWN200 loaded in the image by default. So you should not need to install the drivers again. Hope this helps.

  6. Adriana says:

    Hello, i cant get mine to work i was able to do all the steps but when i disconnect the ethernet and im going to test it it doesnt tell me i have internet connection.

  7. Roland Groeneveld Roland Groeneveld says:
    Logic Supply

    If you followed the instructions and it still does not work, it likely is a problem with Wifi security (encryption settings, passphrase, etc) . You may want to test with a different Wifi Access Point, preferably with a straightforward SSID and passphrase.

  8. Rushi Desai says:

    Is there any plan to get this driver into mainline kernel? Also, has anyone built this for Debian 7.2?

  9. laborer says:


    Link is broken. And I can’t find MT7601 product on Mediatek site

  10. Roland Groeneveld Roland Groeneveld says:
    Logic Supply

    Thank you for pointing this out. MediaTek recently changed their website. Here is the new link: – search for MT7601U for the linux driver.

    We also fixed the link in the tutorial.

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