Mini-ITX 2.0 Coming Q4 2008

VIA Technologies announced the new Mini-ITX 2.0 platform that is to be released Q4 2008. It looks like the recently unveiled Nano processor will be paired up with a performance NVIDIA chipset to create this powerful and yet, still energy-efficient platform.

While visiting Computex, VIA’s products (booth) were hard to spot. On the other hand, everywhere I looked I saw Intel’s Atom. I was able to find a Nano-based barebone system and HP mini-notebook, but for some reason I missed the big Mini-ITX 2.0 unveiling.

Mini-ITX 2.0 will include:

  • Processor: High-performance, power efficient x86 processor, such as the VIA Nano processor
  • Memory: Support for minimum 2GB DDR2 SDRAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0 integrated (IGP); DirectX 10 through an add-in card
  • Display: 1 VGA port for LCD display; 1 HDMI port through add-in card
  • HD Audio: 3 Audio jacks for up to 6-channel surround sound
  • Broadband Connectivity: 1 Gb LAN port
  • Storage: 2 SATA (3 Gb/sec.) slots + 1 IDE slot
  • Peripheral Connectivity: Minimum 4 USB 2.0 ports
  • Expansion: 1 PCI Express x16
  • Size: 17 cm x 17 cm
  • O/S Support: Microsoft Windows Vista; Microsoft Windows Vista Premium (through an add-in graphics card); Microsoft Windows XP, and major Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Suse Linux, and gOS

More information on Mini-ITX 2.0 here

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