Why Fanless? Our New Downloadable Guide

Logic Supply Why Fanless White PaperIt’s a question we hear all the time. With so many options on the market, and such a wide variety of applications for modern computing hardware, what are the advantages of using a fanless PC? What tangible difference can removing the fan really make?

Logic Supply customers all over the world have seen for themselves the benefits of using fanless hardware. In our new guide we break down the ways fanless computers help you cut downtime, extend system lifecycle and significantly cut your maintenance expenses.

Are you wasting time and money on outdated fanned hardware?


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Taking the Heat: NVR Killers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil pump jackSecurity & Surveillance has evolved more in the last few decades than in the hundreds of years that preceded them. IP cameras, cloud computing and other remote monitoring technologies have made it possible for security experts to monitor locations from anywhere in the world.

The importance of keeping a close eye on critical infrastructure like drill sites, pipelines, offshore rigs and refineries continues to be front of mind for Oil & Gas professionals. Regardless of the stream sector, the specialized circumstances that face many IT and digital security specialists in the industry require that hardware technology keep pace with evolving surveillance needs, which more and more frequently are placing these sensitive monitoring systems in extreme locations and harsh environments. Continue Reading

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Video – Industrial Workstations for American Woodmark

American Woodmark Corporation, one of the leading kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturers in the country, was struggling to keep their computer systems running reliably on their dusty manufacturing floor. They turned to Logic Supply for a fanless and ventless industrial workstation solution to help them reduce downtime, increase system longevity and alleviate the drain on IT resources caused by having technicians constantly cleaning out systems that were becoming clogged with wood dust. After first implementing the ML250 series of fanless PCs, and recently transitioning to the new ML400 series, American Woodmark no longer has to struggle with clogged fans and shorted motherboards, and their IT team is free to focus on optimizing operations without worrying about the reliability of their computer hardware.

Josh Keiter, Group Leader for PC Support at American Woodmark, details the struggles his team faced and the experience of working with Logic Supply to overcome them.

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Cutting Edge: Why Modularity Matters in Panel PCs

Cincoze Panel PC from Logic SupplyI speak with IT professionals every day, and their hardware problems range from simple configuration questions to complex, application-specific and environmental challenges. I’ve heard a lot of interesting justifications for choosing one PC over another, but there are a few stories that have really stuck with me. One tale in particular, though hopefully an isolated incident, illustrated an instance in which a modular approach might have saved one IT manager a lot of headaches.

By modular I mean panel PCs that are constructed by combining multiple distinct systems: an industrial PC that provides the processing and I/O, and a touchscreen display. Simple, right? The idea is that individual systems, the PC and the display, though physically one unit, can be serviced or replaced individually. It may seem obvious but, until recently, it’s been far from the norm. Continue Reading

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Introducing the Cincoze DC-1100-10-TR with ThinManager®

Cincoze DC-1100-10-TR ThinManager-Ready PCProviding a rugged, fanless and highly versatile alternative to standard thin client solutions, the new DC-1100 from Cincoze has just been certified as ThinManager-Ready® by management software giant ACP, joining our growing list of ACP certified systems. Pre-installed with the necessary ThinManager BIOS, the DC-1100 enables users to take advantage of convenient ThinManager features including system shadowing, dual display capabilities and MultiSession and failover support. The DC-1100-10-TR  also supports integration with Citrix and VMware.

What makes the Cincoze DC-1100 exceptional is its enhanced durability and impressive compliment of connectivity options. Featuring a completely fanless and ventless design, and an operating temperature range of -20°C to 70°C, the system provides I/O rarely seen in thin client systems, from it’s 4 RS-232/422/485 COM ports and dual GB LAN to programmable 8-bit DIO. The plethora of additional I/O includes 4 USB, DVI and a DisplayPort, enabling multi-screen display functionality.


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