A Year of Construction in 10 Minutes

Earlier this month we celebrated the grand opening of our newly expanded headquarters. The construction of the new facility was a truly impressive undertaking, and we all had a front row seat (or standing desk view for many of us). Fortunately, we captured the entire process, which began last August and was completed in June, so we could share the experience with you. We’ve compressed nearly a year of exterior and interior footage into this ten minute video, showing the crew from Neagley & Chase creating the new space. From first breaking ground to hanging the Logic Supply logo, we hope you enjoy watching the construction process from start to finish as much as we did. And if you missed the coverage of our grand opening, check out this post for a brief recap and some photos.

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What is ECC Memory and How Does it Protect Your Data?

Logic Supply ML600G-10 with ECC MemoryOur new ML600G-10 offers up to 32 GB of ECC memory pre-installed. ECC memory has been a highly requested feature from many of our business customers who are concerned about data integrity, but what exactly is ECC RAM, why might you need it, and what benefits does it offer? Continue Reading

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Thin Clients: The Future of Manufacturing

Logic Supply TM100

Automation, digitization and operational and managerial information on the factory floor are often the key enablers to creating more flexibility and versatility in the manufacturing processes of our customers. Today, smart devices are applied in production machines, transportation and logistics and warehousing applications, just to name a few. Thin clients are the most cost effective of these solutions and our strategic partnership with ACP allows us to seamlessly service our manufacturing customers with reliable, easy to install and simple to maintain hardware.

But why have thin clients become the go-to solution for so many manufacturers, and what does the future hold for the manufacturing sector as it begins to embrace the Industrial Internet of Things and the concepts of Industry 4.0?

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Grand Opening of our New Building Expansion

Logic Supply Building Expansion

Thursday marked the grand opening of our newly expanded headquarters here in South Burlington and we were honored to have family, friends, clients, business leaders and government representatives on hand to help us celebrate. Congressman Peter Welch, Speaker of the house and recently announced Gubernatorial candidate Shap Smith and Agency of Commerce & Community Development Secretary Patricia Moulton joined us to shared some very kind words about Logic Supply’s role in the community and the growing tech sector, both locally and globally.

Molly Walsh from Burlington’s Seven Days stopped by and wrote a nice blog post about the event and Local 22 & Local 44 reporter Rene Thibault was on hand to talk to a few of our team members and capture some footage of the event. View the news segment here and have a look through our photo gallery below.


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Windows 10 For Business Users: What You Need to Know

Microsoft Windows 10 BannerThe time has come, as of today Microsoft’s Windows 10 is available (and an option in all of our systems). Any new OS upgrade presents some potential pitfalls, but Windows 10 promises to improve upon some of the most widely used aspects of both Windows 7 and 8.1, including a friendlier UI, security features and powerful administrative tools. While many users of Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8 and 8.1 may have already upgraded via Microsoft’s upgrade app, enterprise and other volume licensing customers have an alternative, more business-tailored upgrade path.

With release day upon us, let’s take a look at some of the things business users should be aware of with the rollout of Windows 10, including the upgrade process and a few interesting key features. Continue Reading

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