Avoiding a Mess Part 4: Cheese & Dairy Manufacturing

Challenging Environments: Cheese and Dairy ManufacturingAmericans love cheese.

Over the last four decades, Americans have greatly increased their consumption of cheese. In 2012, cheese availability was 33.5 pounds per person, almost triple the amount in 1970 at only 11.4 pounds. Since 2005, availability of American cheese has held steady at 13 pounds per person. (source)

There’s no doubt that cheese making is big business, but it offers cheese manufacturers a number of unique challenges. In the final part of our continuing series, we’re profiling a billion dollar Cheese and Dairy Product manufacturer who needed a better hardware solution to stand up to the salty air and strict cleaning standards in their industry.

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Smart Kegs, Smarter Planet? Questions from the IoT Showcase

Logic Supply with Congressman Peter Welch

From intelligent garbage cans to network connected beer keg scales, the technologies on display at Tuesday’s IoT Showcase in Washington DC represented the incredible variety of applications being created in the rapidly-expanding Internet of Things.

Congressman Peter Welch invited Logic Supply down to Washington for the event to join companies from across the country working to develop the future of system interconnectivity and machine to machine communication. Hosted by the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, the IoT showcase gave us a chance to see what other IoT innovators are working on and provided a glimpse of what the future might hold for embedded computing.

After visiting with attendees, we came away with 3 core questions about IoT generally, and IoT hardware specifically: Will IoT applications be built on standard platforms or will they be necessarily custom? When are IoT gateways needed and what are their ideal features? What “dumb” industries remain open to IoT innovation?

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What is M.2 and What is it Used For?

M.2 storageFor the past several years, mSATA has been the standard for people looking to add compact, solid state storage to their hardware. In the same vein, mini PCIe has allowed easy expansion in smaller computers and mini ITX motherboards. However, a new standard is emerging that could dramatically improve how we use internal expansion. This new standard, called M.2 (formally Next Generation Form Factor, or NGFF), is featured in our new ML100G-30.

But what is M.2, what is is used for and how does it work? Continue Reading

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Logic Supply Featured at Congressional IoT Showcase

IoT Showcase

Members of the Logic Supply team are in Washington DC today at the request of Congressman Peter Welch to join other technology manufactures in showing off the latest Internet of Things (IoT) innovations. The event, being held in the Rayburn House Office Building Foyer from 9-11am today, was organized by the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade (#SubCMT) to give House representatives the opportunity to explore the impact that evolving Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are already having on commerce, manufacturing and the technology sector in general.

Logic Supply IoT Showcase Display“Logic Supply is way ahead of the curve in this new frontier known as the ‘Internet of Things’,” said Congressman Peter Welch. “Their technology empowers their customers to build smart virtual ecosystems between devices. I’m very pleased to have them on hand to represent Vermont’s growing contingent of technology companies.”

We packed up a number of our systems and IoT gateways to show off to attendees, and we’re looking forward to seeing what some of the other exhibitors, including Toyota, Corning, Bell Labs and Qualcomm, have on display.

You can read our full press release about the event here. We’ll have more details about what we did and saw in DC in our next newsletter.


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Avoiding a Mess Part 3: Staying Out of a Jam

Jelly ManufacturersThe Global Fruit and Vegetables Processing industry is expected to expand at an annualized rate of 2.7% over the five years to 2019, reaching $217.1 billion. The American fruit spreads market alone was valued at $2.7 billion in 2010, and is expected to reach $3.3 billion by 2015. While these jarred confections are sweet and delicious, mass production presents some potentially sticky situations.

For our continuing series we’re profiling a billion dollar fruit spreads manufacturer who came to us for a rugged industrial computer solution that could withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations in their production environment.

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