Video – Creating a Custom Hardware Appliance with Pwnie Express

Pwnie Express was looking for a reliable hardware platform for their commercial network penetration testing software. After struggling with unreliable, inflexible and less durable systems, they turned to Logic Supply. In addition to providing the hardware backbone for Pwnie’s Pwn Pro solution, we were able to work with Pwnie to design and implement a custom branded solution. By alleviating their hardware concerns, Pwnie Express can now focus on building the best possible software for their clients.

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TUTORIAL – BeagleBone Black CPU Temperature Monitor

BeagleBone Black CPU Temperature Sensor TutorialThe BeagleBone Black packs an impressive amount of computing power into its diminutive frame, but things can heat up quickly when you’re running the CPU at full usage for prolonged periods. Whether you’re employing a BeagleBone to power a casual home build, or utilizing the single board device in a complex commercial application, knowing the temperature of the CPU can help you manage your applications and prevent unexpected shutdowns or interruptions.

In our latest Inspire tutorial we take you through the steps in accessing and displaying BeagleBone Black CPU temperature data. All it takes is a few simple lines of code and you’ll be able to keep tabs on how hot your beagle is getting and take the necessary steps to cool things down before any damage is done.



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Exploring the Role of IoT Gateways

Logic Supply IoT Design Guide Article: IoT GatewaysToday, Embedded Computing Design launched their annual Internet of Things Design Guide featuring our piece on how IoT Gateways are helping to bridge the technology gap between modern systems and legacy hardware. Many older devices lack the ability to connect to the cloud but by utilizing these gateway devices, users are able to keep pace with advancements in business technology without replacing their entire IT infrastructure. IoT Gateways combine networking, control and data security functions to allow for secure remote operation and centralized management of IT systems. Particularly in dirty environments or extreme temperatures, Logic Supply IoT Gateways offer the added advantages of a completely fanless and ventless design combined with a small form factor which allows for implementation virtually anywhere.

Click on the thumbnail to read the full article and click here to read more about how Logic Supply hardware fits into the Industrial Internet of Things.


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What is an Industrial Thin Client?

The ThinManager-Ready ML210G-10-TR from Logic SupplyThin client computing is becoming an increasingly popular option for IT managers and integrators at both growing businesses and large corporations alike. A thin client network is composed of thin client PCs along with specialized management software and the server hardware on which all files, programs and applications are stored and maintained.

But not all thin clients are created equal. For situations that require a more reliable hardware solution an industrial thin client is likely the best fit. Read on to find out why. Continue Reading

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Tutorial – Basic BeagleBone Electrical Components Explained

Logic Supply Inspire Intro to Basic Electrical ComponentsWith the BeagleBone Black able to perform such a wide range of complex tasks, and capable of powering a growing number of commercial applications, it can be easy to forget that all of those impressive machines and intricate devices are built on some of the most basic electrical principals. Two recent additions to our BeagleBone resource site Inspire take a back-to-basics approach to exploring the functionality of some of the most common electrical components.

In our Intro to Basic Electrical Components, we explore the form and function of everything from simple current-limiting resistors to the versatile functionality of integrated circuits. Using easy to understand terminology and basic schematics we break down the various functions of each component and how it might be used to build virtually any electrical device you can dream up.

Logic Supply BeagleBone Black Prototyping Parts Kit overviewAs a followup to our general overview, we take an in-depth look at the components included in our BeagleBone Black Prototyping Kit. From exploring the various uses for a simple push button switch, to explaining the applications of the included rotary potentiometer, we walk you through each included component to help you better understand the role each part plays, and get you thinking about the endless prototyping possibilities presented by the BeagleBone Black.

Head over to Inspire to read the Intro to Basic Electrical Components and our detailed exploration of the Prototyping Parts Kit.


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