Helping Newly Weds Foods Cut Line Recovery Time by 60%

Newly Weds Food profile summaryFounded in 1932, Newly Weds Foods is one of the world’s leading ingredient manufacturers for the food processing and foodservice industries. The Chicago-based company develops and manufactures seasonings, marinades, batters, breadings and countless other products for some of the biggest restaurants and food distributors in the world.

Recently, their Cleveland, TN plant found itself in an all-too-common position: their IT team was struggling to maintain their aging computer systems and were tired of the frequently repeating cycle of replacing failing hardware. They went looking for a better alternative to the tower PCs they’d been using for years, with an eye toward a fanless solution that would both reduce downtime on their manufacturing line, and increase overall system longevity. As a major food manufacturer, Newly Weds Foods needed small form factor systems that could stand up to their extended production schedule and resist damage from the heat and airborne particulate created by their various production processes.

In our new client profile see how Logic Supply was able to help the Newly Weds Foods IT team cut line downtime by two thirds, eliminate late night service calls and get a good night’s rest for a change.



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How to Choose The Right Wireless Hardware

Logic Supply Wireless Cards and AntennasWhen choosing wireless networking hardware for your new computer, the choices available can sometimes be overwhelming. Not only must you choose the right card, but you need to ensure you have the right antenna for your needs.

The specific card and antenna combination necessary will generally be based on 3 key factors: what you will be using the network-connected device for, what kind of wireless network you are connecting to and how far away you are from the source signal? If you know the answers to these basic questions, choosing the right network solution can be fairly easy. Continue Reading

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Are You An Awk or a Josh?

Logic Supply February 2015 Newsletter croppedIn our February Newsletter we asked how you’re using Logic Supply hardware? Are you creating a custom embedded appliance like Awk from network security specialist Pwnie Express? Are you implementing industrial workstation computers in a challenging environment like Josh from kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturer American Woodmark? Do you straddle the line between the two or fall into a completely separate category altogether?

The uses for industrial computers range from simple desktop replacements, to fully custom devices who’s components, chassis, software and I/O compliment may be wholly unique. IT pros like Josh need reliable hardware that’s easy to repurchase, simple to install and convenient to maintain. Embedded solutions providers like Awk are building devices that may require additional OEM services like custom branding and software imaging. Regardless of the application, the first step in choosing the right industrial PC is establishing how you’ll be using your computer hardware. From there, identifying the particular components, specifications and qualifications becomes much simpler.

If you’re struggling to find the right hardware for your project, let Awk and Josh tell you how Logic Supply was able to help them.

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Hardware vs Software RAID: Things Have Changed

Logic Supply Hardware vs Software RAID White Paper

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With the sheer volume of digital data being generated and stored every day, RAID implementation is a popular topic among both hardware manufacturers and IT integrators who are dedicated to ensuring the integrity of business-critical information.

We’ve touched on RAID before (which stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks), answering the question – Do you always need a RAID card to set up a RAID array? On a broader scale, the question of hardware RAID versus software RAID is one we think merits a bit more exploration.

Our new white paper contrasts and compares the cost, performance and ease of recovery of hardware and software RAID options. The conclusion? A great deal has changed in the world of RAID in the last decade, and there’s plenty to consider before settling on a particular RAID implementation.


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How to Choose the Perfect PC: Defining Commercial, Industrial and Rugged

Logic Supply Hardware Selection Tool

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A couple of months ago, Logic Supply released a new way to shop for and purchase products on our website. We introduced three distinct product lines that allow you to quickly find the perfect computer for your needs. We called these lines Commercial, Industrial and Rugged. Each offers systems that have unique features perfectly tailored for specific applications.

Breaking out our pre-configured PC’s into these lines solves a key problem many of our customers were having; selection overload. Logic Supply has computers that cater to a wide range of applications, enabling us to offer the right solution for everyone. However, for some, this made it a bit challenging to find the ideal industrial computer as quickly as possible. Our three lines resolve this by offering specially designed computers built in response to customer feedback about their specific needs. We used the personal experiences of our clients to help shape each configuration and line. Customers now have an easy starting point built around their need for a Commercial, Industrial or Rugged computer, vastly decreasing the time it takes to find the right solution.

But what defines each line, and what unique advantages do they offer users? Continue Reading

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