ASIS 2015 Day 3: Bus(tling) Conversations

ASIS 2015 Day 3

On the final day of ASIS 2015 the Logic Supply team had the chance to talk with many of the almost 600 other vendors and exhibitors showing off their products inside the Anaheim Convention Center. Trying to squeeze the most out of the week, everyone was eager to touch base before heading out of town, and we had a lot of great conversations with integrators and end users alike who are looking for a reliable NVR solution. The biggest trend for us on Day 3? Bus surveillance.

From commuter buses to school buses, we spoke with a host of transit professionals and system integrators interested in outfitting their fleet, or a client’s fleet, with a multi-camera NVR system. The hitch? Vibration resistance and variable power are key in these automotive applications and in short supply in the marketplace.

ASIS 2015 Milestone BoothIn my time at the Milestone Systems booth, showing off our new XProtect® Certified MX1000 rugged NVR, I had the chance to chat about the use of DIO (Digital Input/output), one of the unique features of our NVR lineup, for emergency communication as well as door opening and other actuation functionality.

ASIS 2015 has given us all a clear picture of where the security hardware industry is headed and that seems to be “on the road”. Transportation surveillance and security needs were a focus all weekend and it was a fantastic opportunity to connect with many of our partners, clients and future customers to help us inform the next additions to our security lineup.

If you attended ASIS we’d love to hear about some of the trends you saw. What were some of your favorite products on display? What are the features most appealing to you in a rugged NVR? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LogicSupply.

See you next year!

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ASIS 2015 Day 2: Building Rugged Security Systems

ASIS 2015 Day 2

Every show floor is busy and bustling, but the amount of activity, lights and sounds at ASIS 2015 can not be overstated. When you’re surrounded by physical security vendors there’s a screen showing a video feed, an alarm buzzing or a series of lights blinking around every corner. ASIS is truly an assault on the senses, in the best possible way.

The Logic Supply team spent day 2 of ASIS 2015 speaking with security pros from around the world about the emerging trends in mobile security and the needs of today’s surveillance professionals. It’s clear that rugged, in-vehicle systems are in short supply, which is likely part of the reason the MX1000 has garnered so much attention at the show. We heard from multiple security system integrators that the MX1000 fills a very particular hole in their product line, and we had the chance to dive deeper into the science of system ruggedization and the importance of reliable hardware for in-vehicle installations. Vibration resistance and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures were both key features for many of the folks we spoke with. From bus fleets and trains, to autonomous vehicles, hardware for mobile systems has been a standout feature of this year’s event.

Logic Supply ASIS 2015 BoothWe also took the opportunity to stop by and check out a few of the 2015 ASIS Accolade Award Winners and had a number of folks mention our nomination as having driven them to come say hi. The sheer breadth of security products on display at ASIS is incredible and it’s been a pleasure to share so many informative conversations with attendees and exhibitors from every facet of the industry.

See more about day 2 at ASIS 2015 in the daily video recaps from ASIS International.

And thanks to Ginger Hill (@GingerHill13) from Security Products Magazine and Security Today for this great booth photo.

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VIDEO: The ML100 Series – Intel’s NUC, Evolved

When we set out to create the ML100, we wanted to bring Intel’s popular NUC platform to places it had never been. Since the launch of the ML100 Series earlier this year our clients have installed ML100 systems for use in everything from advanced digital signage, to solar energy management and complex industrial control applications. The dust-resistant, fully solid state ML100 has been featured in Ars Technica, Silent PC Review and AnandTech among other publications, and the system is very popular with commercial clients looking for a small form factor industrial system that can stand up to the environmental challenges of today’s industrial computing installations. Today we’ve released our new ML100 product video, detailing some of the features that make the system so special. Check out the video below and then visit to find out more about this innovative system.

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ASIS 2015 Day 1: Automotive NVR Insights

Asis 2015 Logic Supply Booth

The Logic Supply team is in Anaheim California this week for the 61st annual ASIS International Conference. ASIS is one of the most comprehensive security shows in the world, bringing together professionals from every facet of the security industry to share and experience the latest security and surveillance technology. Logic Supply is on hand showing off our line of industrial Network Video Recorders and talking with attendees and other vendors about the latest trends in the physical security industry.

MX1000 at Milestone ASIS BoothDay 1 at ASIS 2015 was a whirlwind of meetings and introductions. In addition to a busy day at our own booth (#1275), where we spoke with attendees about our full range of security hardware, our new MX1000 is also being featured as part of the Milestone Systems Partner program at their booth (#3222). Our own Beth Hill spent the first day of ASIS at the Milestone booth, meeting security professionals in need of a rugged, in-vehicle NVR solution.

Automotive Continues to be a Focus

The world’s first Milestone Certified Rugged, In-Vehicle Network Video Recorder, the MX1000 is making waves at ASIS as transportation surveillance and in-vehicle security continue to be running themes of the event. Nearly half of the attendees we spoke to on day 1 were on the hunt for automotive technology, and one of the biggest topics of conversation was data offloading. With 3/4G data rates being largely cost prohibitive for most integrators, enabling efficient WiFi data dumps to centralized servers was a primary concern. Attendees we spoke with were interested in being able to easily connect in-vehicle devices to their network when they return to the terminal, station or garage to offload the day’s footage. Evolving networking technology and data transfer speeds were a big part of our conversations yesterday.

We’ll be sharing our experiences at ASIS 2015 throughout the show here as well as on Twitter, so be sure to check back soon.

ASIS 2015 Show Floor

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Come See the New MX1000 at ASIS 2015

Our new MX1000 is the first ever rugged high-performance, automotive-ready NVR optimized and certified for the popular Milestone XProtect® video management software. We’ll be packing up and headed to ASIS 2015 in a couple of weeks and we’ll be bringing the MX1000 with us. The system, along with our other security hardware solutions, will be on display at booth 1275. The MX1000 will also be featured at Milestone’s Solution Center during ASIS, stop by and check it out at the Milestone display, booth 3222. See what makes this innovative piece of hardware so special in the video below.

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