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UPS Computers are the ideal solution for mission critical applications prone to power fluctuations. The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides a regulated power output to help avoid system damage or data loss during brown-outs and black-outs. Our internal UPS solutions save space while providing the peace of mind that your PC is protected.
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ML450G-10 Fanless Industrial Computer

Industrial Intel Braswell Celeron Mini-ITX Computer

  • Intel Braswell Celeron processing
  • Up to 8 GB memory
  • Flexible Storage Options, Optional UPS

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Industrial Intel Haswell Core i3/i5 Mini-ITX Computer

Industrial Intel Haswell Core i3/i5 Mini-ITX Computer

  • Intel Haswell processing
  • Up to 16 GB memory
  • Optional UPS, Flexible Storage Options

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MC600 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Computer

Expandable Compact Computer with Built-In UPS

  • In-PC Uninterruptible Power Supply for superior reliability
  • Intel Core i Haswell, Ivy Bridge processing
  • 2 expansion slots

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